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About Us

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Who We Are

Map of NorPen Subregions
Northern Peninsula Regional Service Board (NorPen) is a non-profit board that has been assembled to assist with the implementation of the Provincial Waste Management Strategy (PWMS). The PWMS was developed and produced by the provincial government to improve waste management practices in our province.

NorPen has a deep commitment to making a difference for the environment, communities and individuals, present and future. To us, waste management means embracing the tremendous responsibility we have as leaders in our province, to use our strength, knowledge, resources and technology to better ensure future healthy communities.

NorPen serves municipal, commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout the Northern Peninsula. NorPen serves approximately 14,500 residential and commercial customers through its network of collection operations, well managed landfill disposal sites and other related services.

Our Mission Statement
"Conservation and protection through solid waste management, ensuring a healthy environment for the present and the future..."

Our History - Formerly known as the Northern Peninsula Waste Management Committee
NorPen (Northern Peninsula Regional Service Board) is a product of a regional group of dedicated volunteers.  In January of 2002, the Nordic Region Solid Waste Management Study recommended the formulation of a committee to implement the Provincial Waste Management Strategy (PWMS) on the Great Northern Peninsula.

The Northern Peninsula Waste Management Committee had eleven volunteer members as well as a coordinator - and became an incorporated body in November 2003. The committee represented the region from Goose Cove East to Castor River South.


Office Workers:
Darlene Newman - Manager
Wanda Hedderson, Administrative Assistant (Fire Services)
Hazel Tucker, Administrative Assistant (Waste Management)

Calvin Blake, Waste Operations Coordinator

Field Workers:
Fred Hutchings, Sub 4 - Waste Collector / Site Operator
George Patey, Sub 4 - Landfill Attendant
William Myers, Sub 3 -  Landfill Attendant
Winston Wilcox, Sub 2 - Landfill Attendant / Site Operator
Christopher Colbourne, Sub 1 - Landfill Attendant


Updated: Monday, December 16, 2013   12:27 pm NFLD

Our Goals

•  Develop and implement an effective waste management system for the region
•  Develop, implement, and obtain at least 50% waste diversion
•  Construct and operate regional solid waste disposal sites
•  Liaise with all communities in the region, organizations, institutions, and Provincial Government before significant actions are undertaken by the Board
•  Develop programs to make all users aware of the importance of subregional consolidation of disposal sites and 50% waste diversion strategies
•  Seek to secure support from the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors on their roles and responsibilities in maintaining a healthy environment
•  Charge user fees to municipalities, local service districts, unincorporated areas or any other entities benefiting from it's regional services and facilities
•  Develop procedures for the withdraw of services for non-payment of fees, the charging of interest on arrears, and any other appropriate action deemed necessary by the Board to assure the payment of fees
•  Be guided by the Regional Service Board's Act.

Board of Directors

Doug Mills, Chair
Gerald Hillier

Andre Myers

Lynn Ellsworth
Iris Decker
Ralph Hedderson
Maggie Chambers
Cecil Hughes
Rudy Porter
Leander Pilgrim
Kirby Spence

Lloyd Bennett
Tony Ryan

Waste Management Trust Fund (MMSB)

The Newfoundland and Labrador Waste Management Trust Fund plays an integral role in supporting waste management projects that guide the province toward modern waste management, and support the overall implementation of the Provincial Waste Management Strategy.

This is the tenth year that NorPen has received funding from Multi Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) to support the General Manager's position which covers salary, office operations and travel. Also, funds cover regional workshops, educational and promotional activities. Five municipalities in our region received 100% funding from MMSB for the closure of their old sites.

The Board is very pleased with the funding received from Municipal Affairs and MMSB. This financial assistance plays a big part in NorPen's achievements. Thank you!

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Updated: Dec 16, 2013 12:24 pm

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Email: darlene.nprsb@nf.aibn.com
"Conservation and protection through solid waste management,
ensuring a healthy environment for the present and future"

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